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Historical Construction Equipment Association
Home of the National Construction Equipment Museum

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Thank you so much for being a member of the Historical Construction Equipment Association!


If this is your first visit to the site, please read the [New to the Site?] box on the Home Page. It will open in a new window; just click on this window again to resume renewing.


All you are doing is RENEWING. If you find yourself creating a new profile or signing yourself up as a new member, you have reached the wrong page.

To renew or check on your membership:

  • Log in to the site, using the log-in box at top left.                    
  • When you are logged in, click on [View Profile] in the log-in box.
  • When your profile opens, you will see the status of your membership.              
  • If you see the word “lapsed” in your Profile, you are due for renewal, and will not receive another issue of Equipment Echoes until you do.
  • You can renew for one year by clicking on the [Renew until DD/MM/YY] button. Even if you are not due for renewal, you can also use this to extend your membership a year.
To upgrade to a different level of membership, go to the Join us page and select the appropriate option.



  I know someone who’d like to receive Equipment Echoes, and I’d like to order him or her a gift membership. He or she does or does not live in the U. S. or Canada, or he or she is a student in the U.S.


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