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northwest, osgood, Russell

9 photo(s) Updated on: 03/08/2024
  • 1936 Northwest Engineering No. 2 shovel. (Joe Nowak image)
  • This fully restored 1960s Northwest 80-D was donated by the estate of Robert S. Trump. The 80-D was very popular as a shovel with a 2-1/2 cubic yard bucket.
  • The 1928 Osgood 1 1/4 Yard Heavy Duty steam shovel, less its roof, front and boiler. Wood was the standard material for enclosing the upper works until steel houses became the standard.
  • The Osgood shovel is truly a steam shovel, meaning powered by steam rather than internal combustion or electricity. This is its boiler, which will be reflued as part of the shovel's restoration.
  • c. 1920s Russell Grader Company Super Special pull grader. Caterpillar Tractor Company acquired Russell Grader in 1928.
  • c. 1920 Russell Grader Company No. 35 road drag. This device simply slides along the surface of a dirt or gravel road to smooth loose material.
  • 1917 Russell Grader Company Township A elevating grader. The elevating grader was first developed in the 1860s.
  • This beam-mounted disc, supported by the small wheel at left, forces dirt onto the conveyor, which is powered by chains from the rear wheels. Cleats on the real wheels maintain traction.
  • Elevating graders were originally pulled and pushes by horses or mules, then large tractors began providing the motive power.
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