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Federal, Ferguson, flaherty, fordson, fruehauf

7 photo(s) Updated on: 03/08/2024
  • This 1922 Federal truck carries a custom-built dredging outfit. The long-range plan is for it to serve as the carrier for the Museum's Universal crane.
  • A proofroller, like this 1954 Ferguson RT100S, is simply a steel box on a four-tired axle. Filled with ballast to 50 tons, it tests earthfill to ensure that it is compacted to specifications.
  • Built by Shovel Supply Company, this Ferguson 2511 roller utilizes an Oliver tractor power train. It compacts by kneading material between its 11 tires; fully ballasted, it weighs 25 tons.
  • A chip spreader receives gravel chips from a dump truck and spreads them evenly onto asphalt that's been sprayed onto the road. The material flows from right to left in this view.
  • 1920s Schramm Self-Propelled Compressor. The rear axle carries the air compressor, which is riveted to and powered by the Fordson tractor.
  • Bottom dump trailers like this 1959 Fruehauf offered efficient over-the-road hauling and dumping of earth, gravel and asphalt. The axles at right belong to its towing truck tractor.
  • 1949 International Harvester TD6 crawler tractor and 1942 Fruehauf lowboy trailer. Although they make a nice pair, the trailer was actually built to carry a small crane.
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