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HAUCK, hough, huber, hughes-keenan

6 photo(s) Updated on: 03/15/2024
  • Melting kettles like this 1953 Hauck ST were used to melt tar for various uses such as roofing and pothole patching.
  • This Hough HA was one of several models of wheel loaders built for industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, and car and ship unloading. It was built between 1947 and 1954.
  • This 1961 model M-5210 is representative of Huber's (later Huber-Warco's) popular line of Maintainer light-duty motor graders. It's equipped with an optional front-end loader.
  • 1945 Huber Manufacturing Company 10-ton three-wheel roller. The front steering drum and two rear driver drums provide compaction across the entire width of the machine.
  • This 1928 Hughes-Keenan Iron Mule hauler is one of many machines built in the 1920s on McCormick-Deering and other industrial wheel tractor chassis. (Ron Wozniak photo)
  • The Iron Mule's two cubic yard bed and drive wheels. Cleats or spikes were commonly used on wheel tractors for traction in the 1920s and 1930s, and these wheels are wide to better bear the payload.
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