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2019 Convention

Please share your images of the 2019 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition which was held at the National Construction Equipment Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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30 photo(s) Updated on: 01/28/2021
  • The featured machine was the TD-24 crawler tractor, exemplified by this 1953 machine owned by Corporate Member Geo. Gradel Co. of nearby Toledo.
  • The Museum’s 1930s Allis-Chalmers Superior-McCully 10” gyratory crusher, powered by a 1913 Port Huron traction engine and fed by the 1926 Link-Belt K-2 crane, Big Bertha, was a new attraction.
  • The Museum’s 1964 Cat No. 12-E motor grader and regular operator Charlie Scherer build up a section of road in front of the Power of Yesteryear building.
  • Heavy earthwork with the National Construction Equipment Museum, as the 1942 Manitowoc 3500 loads the 1964 Mack M30X end dump.
  • Corporate Member Geo. Gradel Co. showed this lineup of restored IH crawlers. . Left to right: 1953 TD-24; 1956 TD-18; 1945 TD-14; 1950 TD-9; 1953 T-6; and 1951 TD-6.
  • Another highlight was no less than 56 trucks, including this 1920 Nash dump truck.
  • Board members’ machines at work, as President Bill Annechini loads National Director Dean Wack’s 1951 Euclid 1UD end dump with his 1964 Michigan 85A Series II wheel loader.
  • Over thirty farm tractors were on hand, including this 1960 Farmall 340 that was being shown by the Historical Engine Society of Burton, Ohio.
  • Wes Slaubaugh’s 1947 I-H TD-14 pulls Ed Slaubaugh’s 1935 Allis-Chalmers big No. 14 pull grader. The model number on the grader indicates a 14-foot moldboard, quite large for a pull grader.
  • A considerable stockpile of donated grindings was available for use on both the road project and emergency repairs due to rain. Mark Gerber’s 1965 Cat D-6C works the pile.
  • Joint venture? National Director Dave Geis’ 1953 Euclid S-7, lettered for Goochco Construction, is pushloaded by HCEA Corporate Member Geo. Gradel Co.’s TD-24.
  • Another of the three traction engines on site, Tim Myers’ 1912 Case 40 horsepower machine, pulls the Museum’s 1929 Galion E-Z Lift No. 10 pull grader.
  • Show co-chairman and Schramm parts dealer Jim Arras organized this impressive display of Schramm compressors. Absent is the Museum’s 1963 COUH 125cfm Pneumatractor.
  • This 1962 Schield Bantam C-350 is equipped with an optional hydraulic tilt cylinder for the bucket, a feature offered by many cable backhoe manufacturers in the late 1950s and 1960s.
  • Dennis Campbell’s 1957 Cat D-2 tidies up around the dirt pile.
  • Lakeside Sand & Gravel showed several machines, including this 1966 Allis-Chalmers D motor grader equipped with an optional rear loader that was first produced by Tractomotive.
  • Lakeside Sand & Gravel also showed this 1920 White 15 dump truck.
  • 1. This ca. 1951 Mixermobile Duoway Scoop has a cable-operated loader on one end and a small hydraulic dozer on the other. The operator sits crossways, and only the loader end is powered.
  • A 1937 Galion Junior Patrol is powered by a McCormick-Deering tractor power train and chassis. Doubtless, the fellow in back is using his cell phone to get the latest video feed from the factory.
  • Later I-H Payline products were represented by this 1982 TD-15C owned by Jensen Construction. It bears both I-H and Dresser decals, reflecting Dresser’s acquisition that year of the Payline line.
  • Demonstrating toploading of scrapers, a 1949 Bucyrus-Erie 10-B shovel drops a load of grindings into a Euclid S7 motor scraper. Jim Gangle owns the shovel, and owns the scraper jointly with Don Martin
  • A 1943 GMC CCKN Deuce and a Half dump truck, owned by Lakeside Sand & Gravel, proudly bears the Seabees logo.
  • Jack Krueger’s 1937 Allis-Chalmers M pulls his and Joe Krueger’s 1920s Galion Little Premier pull grader.
  • Will Wingo’s 1957 Cat D-4 sports a home-made canopy and Hyster D-4N winch.
  • Here’s the other 1937 Galion Junior Patrol. It’s owned by Joe Krueger, and is on an I-H I-12 tractor chassis.
  • Drott loaders were very often associated with I-H crawlers, such as this 1961 T-340 owned by Lars Larson, complete with the iconic 4-in-1 Bucket.
  • Drott loaders weren’t used exclusively on I-H machines. This 1948 Allis-Chalmers HD-7W sports a Drott loader attachment that predates the skid loaders made famous on I-H machines.
  • Neither did I-H use only Drott loaders! Here is a TD-6 with an LTD 6 loader built by attachment manufacturer Greenville Steel Car Company of Greenville, Pennsylvania.
  • Jonathan Houck’s 1954 Oliver AD lends some assistance to the Museum’s 1929 J. D. Adams Leaning Wheel No. 7 pull grader.
  • Along with being the equipment registrar and handling miscellaneous tasks as needed, John Sams also helped keep the grounds in shape with his 1950 Huber Maintainer.
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