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New photos of old equipment

Please share your photos of old equipment in the modern day, restored or not!


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87 photo(s) Updated on: 07/27/2022
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  • 5816 hours on 6K50 Caterpillar 11 Auto Patrol Tandem Diesel. This one has been around a while.
  • Idling like a big 3 cylinder that it is at 47 HP. Guess the felt seals are getting a bit old.
  • Original pony works fine. Using a John Deere 2 cylinder magneto slightly modified. No concern for the spark advance.
  • It is amazing what the wheel tilt will do when rounding a corner. Still a lot of work though.
  • Cleaned up and running. I have had this machine out in 32 below blizzard moving snow with chains. No time to get cold with the doors closed.
  • This is MY Lima 34. Dragline or Clam setup. Buda L525 Gas engine, Worm drive boom hoist Machine is a 1949 located in Eastern PA. Looking for a Lima 34 Shovel either complete machine or Parts
  • This is my Insley K12 Shovel Powered by a Buda HP326 Gas engine. Machine is a 1954. Located in Eastern PA
  • This is my 1955 Cat D315 powered 15B Bucyrus Erie shovel in Eastern PA
  • My 2ft gauge railway with Hunslet diesel loco and wagon. Note genuine Union Pacific horns.They certaimnly pack a blast!
  • Cletarc BD imported 2010 from California and now in regular use on the farm. Not many around with all the engine/battery covers. Not NOS rubber track pads...great on pavement but useless on dirt!
  • 22RB Ruston Bucyrus dragline prior to respray. Used regularly on our lake dredging programme on our farm. Also has clamshell grab.Manufactured in 1979, one of the last!
  • My 22RB in use on lake, does a great job in moving silt quickly! A scarce machine in the UK now, many scapped in the 1980/90's
  • 1961 Caterpillar 966A left rear.
  • Caterpillar 966A right side.
  • Caterpillar 966A steering and dash.
  • Caterpillar 966A engine panels: upper and lower, both sides.
  • Caterpillar 966A Manuals: Parts, Operators and Service Manual.
  • Tag on the radiator shroud says Elgin, engine is 4 cylinder IH/Farmall.
  • Steering wheel says International Harvester, and so do the gauges, but gauges are newer.
  • Is this a homebuilt? Looks too well done for that but can't identify or find information.
  • American 399 BC, 1960's?. Just got it Home
  • My brother picking up our next project the long sought after skoopoer for the 505
  • Allis Chalmers TL40D 6 yard wheel loader. Offered for sale in our Buy, sell and Trade forum.
  • Allis Chalmers HD20G 5 yard crawler loader, decaled as HD21G. Offered for sale in our Buy, sell and Trade forum.
  • Cat No. 6 Shovel, the first purpose-built crawler loader, Resale Lumber Products, Arcata, California, Oct 6 1991.
  • Cat 60 and 44 Grader along with 212 Grader #1. NW 6 in background. All these pictures are from the Steve Barr Collection
  • John Deere pulling Russel Grader. All these pictures are from the Steve Barr Collection
  • MW 25 digging. To think 4 hours earlier this was flat land. All these pictures are from the Steve Barr Collection
  • All three graders are Serial # 1. All these pictures are from the Steve Barr Collection
  • 2-4-6-8 push across the field. All these pictures are from the Steve Barr Collection
  • 1870ca. Water Well Drill ROPE 300ft deep single drum, 15ft. derrick, oil trays on bearings, mounted on Studebaker Bros mountain log truck.
  • 1955 40C Killifer tool bar e/w dozer
  • 1940? no serial number, researched by modifications. I put patio decking boards for pads,
  • Both are 1951 left one is an late OC-3, Right one early HG-42 My wife helping to install pads.
  • Crusher used in assay office to tell amount of gold in ore. 1903 homemade carrier e/w 1939 International "LA" engine.
  • 1953 OC-3-IND has TRASCO kit (second trans) It looks tough, but will only pickup about 750#
  • saved from the scrapyard!
  • My Oliver 70 with the Henke grader attachment. While restoring it I had discovered Henke was still in business and actually talked to a Henke representative who had sent old pictures of other machines
  • 1930s era R.G.Letourneau J6 cable pan. Found abandoned in Orlando, Florida.
  • Closeup of some of the cable reeving for the ejector and apron.
  • Right 3/4 view showing small implement tires that replaced originals.
  • Front 3/4 view showing crude assembly from stock metal shapes and flattened implement tires.
  • Head on view with size comparison to a 1985 Lincoln
  • 1978 B/E H-3 interior cab
  • 1978 B/E H-3 interior cab 2
  • 1978 Bucyrus-Erie H-3 Hydrocrane
  • B/E H-3, ex Duke Power machine('78-'86)
  • B/E H-3 Original Ford carrier mounted by E.F. Craven company (Dealer) for Duke Power company 1978
  • 1973 Autocar 350 Cummins
  • Beyers Bearcat Jr.
  • Cat 10 Ser. #1995
  • 1954 Hough HR
  • Larry Harrah (pictured) operated this grader when he was a teenager in the 50's. Loading it to move to new home in NW Ar. Still in Harrah family.
  • 12' Adams grader.
  • Adams Leaning Wheel Road Grader. Owned and used by the Harrah family since 1950
  • D-13,000 genset. 2U engine. Sold to Cat dealer for restoration and display in Georgia.
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