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2013 Convention, IUOE Local 150 Apprenticeship Skill Improvement Program (ASIP) Center, Wilmington, Illinois

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  • ASIP earthmoving at its best! One of the TS14H motor scrapers pulls away from the D8R push Cat."TS14H" seems to be an improvised designation reflecting a TS14B being repowered with Deere engines.
  • The ASIP’s fleet of a dozen scrapers lined up. Terex TS14s are widely used in northern Illinois because their combination of capacity horsepower per ton makes them ideal for the region’s spongy soil.
  • Rated at 20 tons maximum capacity, this 1989 Cat 561D is the smallest of ASIP's four pipelayers. It was also one of the last 561Ds built. It's pulling a CRC-Evans pipe bender.
  • This display in front of the ASIP building consists of a 1941 Cat D6 with LeTourneau overhead cable angle dozer and a 1920s Rome Manufacturing Company 8 Foot High Lift pull grader.
  • This 1926 Cat 2-Ton and undated J. D. Adams Giant Road King are on display in front of the ASIP building.
  • Charles Czaplewski of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, owns this 1950 Cat D2 and circa 1948 LaPlant-Choate C45 hydraulic pull scraper.
  • Local 150’s 1964 Bucyrus-Erie 30B Series 3 Super Crane loads out Dave and Nancy
  • Local 150's restored circa 1925 Erie Model B steam shovel is ready to load the McDonnells' 1961 Mack B61 dump truck.
  • The three largest antique dozers at the show: Schaaf Truck and Tractor Museum's 1961 Euclid TC12; L. J. McCreary’s 1945 HD7W; and the National Construction Equipment Museum's Allis-Chalmers HD19H.
  • Goochco Construction is on the job! Board Chairman Dave Geis is all business with his 1945 Cat D4 and 1938 J. D. Adams S3 pull scraper.
  • This shot looks posed, but National Director Jim Schaus’ 1950 Bay City 30 shovel and Dave and Nancy McDonnell’s 1961 Mack B61 are only on break.
  • Charles Casturo owns this little Diamond T dump truck, a model 614-S built in 1939. The Bay City shovel is topping off its payload.
  • In the first demonstration of pipelaying at an HCEA Convention, the two Cat 583H pipelayers transport a length of pipe. Each 583H can lift up to 70 tons.
  • ASIP's 1986 Cat 621E gets a shove from the National Construction Equipment Museum's Allis-Chalmers HD19H.
  • An antique of the future - ASIP's Cat D6T equipped with masts for Trimble GPS receivers.
  • ASIP's Cat D8R takes a break from pushloading.
  • The Terex "TS14H" scrapers are TS14Bs with Deere engines (to meet emissions and fuel efficiency standards) and updated ejectors.
  • This 1986 Cat 621E is part of the ASIP fleet.
  • This circa 1985 Gradall G660C telescopic excavator is also owned by ASIP.
  • The backhoe on the knoll at the north end of the ASIP property is this Schield Bantam T35 or T350.
  • This U. S. Army surplus 1976 Cat D8K from the ASIP fleet models an 8A hydraulic angle dozer.
  • This 2010 Deere 750J LGP tractor is equipped with a Midwestern Manufacturing Company M560C sideboom as an attachment.
  • Here’s a closeup of Local 150’s Manitowoc 3900W, the largest crane to be shown at an HCEA show. Its age is unknown; it was assigned a new serial number during a factory rebuild.
  • The Manitowoc 3900W was equipped with a 110-foot boom and five-yard Erie-Strayer clamshell bucket. The W suffix indicates wide tracks.
  • This 1962 Case crawler loader of unknown ownership sports the distinctive arm and bucket arrangement that originated with American Tractor Corporation, which Case acquired in 1958.
  • This Kaiser RTLS726 6,000 gallon sprinkler
  • How’s this for a billboard? This c. 1953 Galion Chief 10-ton three-wheel roller and Cat D6 of unknown ancestry sit at the gate to the ASIP grounds.
  • This 1964 Bucyrus-Erie 30B Series 3 Super Crane is equipped with a 90-foot boom and 1-½ yard bucket. The extra counterweight and wide crawlers are spotting features of the Super Crane line.
  • The ASIP shop also restored this Russell Standard No. 1 pull grader. It was built circa 1927, and Cat acquired Russell Grader in 1928.
  • This 1962 Dodge 3/4 ton military surplus truck is assigned to the ASIP pipelayer spread.
  • This small, sleek-looking Western Motor Maintainer bears the names of Austin-Western and Western-Austin Company; the combination of names dates it to circa 1934.
  • This undated J. D. Adams Giant Road King is on display in front of the ASIP building.
  • The Giant Road King is hitched to this 1926 Cat 2-Ton.
  • Local 150’s restored circa 1922 Erie Type B steam clamshell crane makes the dirt fly.
  • The wonderful variety of equipment on the ASIP grounds is illustrated by the circa 1925 Erie
  • This Allis-Chalmers HD19H is owned by the National Construction Equipment Museum. Local 150 transported it from the donor’s yard to the site and got it running for the show.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s one-of-a-kind Bullock Two-Cylinder prototype
  • J. Mancuso of Custer Park, Illinois, owns this 1949 Cat D4. It's equipped with a tool bar and ripper.
  • This Case 580 Construction King, owned by Kelpe Contracting of Wildwood, Missouri, dates to
  • And you thought the Western Motor Maintainer was a small grader…Dave Tallon showed this 1964 Wheel Horse 854 yard tractor outfitted with an underframe blade.
  • Justin Click of Hobart, Indiana, owns this Best 60.
  • Adams Leaning Wheel No. 2C pull grader owned by Harlan Beer,Napponee, Indiana.
  • Michael J. Colombo of Plainfield, Illinois, owns this 1928 J. D. Adams Leaning Wheel Grader No. 12.
  • This 1920 Buffalo-Springfield 10-ton three-wheel steam roller was certainly an eyecatching
  • The Buffalo-Springfield roller was not fired up, so this Oliver 2150 tractor served to move it to and from where it was displayed.
  • The Laborie family of Portage, Ohio, has brought this 1956 Ford 801 Powermaster tractor and 1950 Hydroscoop scraper to a number of HCEA shows.
  • The Laborie family’s 1939 Detroit Diesel 1-71 power unit is a regular at HCEA shows in the
  • This 1953 Deere 40 is owned by John A. Wehner Sr. of Crown Point, Indiana.
  • Ditch Witch launched its broad range of underground products with trenchers like this 1950-1952 DW1700 owned by Russ Jacobs of Manhattan, Illinois.
  • Here’s a Mead Speed Cat loader, built in 1966 or 1967 and shown by Russ Jacobs of Manhattan, Illinois.
  • “Pup” was the trade name for Bay City’s smaller model of a tractor excavator. Pat Filippi of Newark, Illinois, owns this example. Issue 98 of Equipment Echoes discussed Bay City’s history.
  • This is a rare 340 Clarkloader built in 1969
  • Steve Issert raises some dust with his 1944 Cat D6. While some machines came from over 500 miles away, Steve lives in Wilmington, a few miles from the show.
  • Bob Bielby of Varna, Illinois, owns this 1958 Schield Bantam C35 backhoe. The year after it
  • L. J. McCreary of Newark,Ohio, and his 1945 Allis-Chalmers HD7W, equipped with a Baker Manufacturing vertical-cylinder hydraulic dozer, have been at the last three shows.
  • A 1938 Cat D2, 3J Series, owned by Dave Karl of Rockdale, Illinois.
  • Charles Czaplewski of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, owns this c. 1948 LaPlant-Choate C45 pull scraper.
  • A 1979 Mack R797S with an R. O. Stinger II TC60 telescopic boom rated at 6 tons capacity. Tim and Sharon Green of Harrisonville, Missouri, showed it.
  • Local 150’s 1964 Bucyrus-Erie 30B Series 3 Super Crane loads out Dave and Nancy
  • Dave McDonnell operates the 1958 7U series Cat D4 he and his wife Nancy own.
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