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11 photo(s) Updated on: 03/15/2024
  • The 1920s Baker Maney D wheeled scraper was among the first mechanized scrapers. Each holds 1.25 cubic yards, and from one to six could be used behind a single tractor.
  • Jim Lashaway's 1906 Advance 22 hp traction engine pulls the Museum's Baker Maney D scrapers during the 2019 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition. (Gary Munsey photo)
  • Following World War II, Schield Bantam was one of several companies that built shovels and cranes for mounting on war surplus vehicles, like this White halftrack. The shovel was built in 1954.
  • Bucket loaders like this Barber-Greene 543 dig into a bank or stockpile and elevate the material to a conveyor that loads a truck behind it. The large augers force material into the buckets.
  • Barber-Greene Company was one of the pioneers of self-propelled asphalt pavers in the 1930s. This SA-40 model was built circa 1962.
  • Putting it right back where it came from, the Barnes water pump shows its power. The engine hadn't been restored in this 2006 image, so power is coming from the PTO of the Jeep behind it.
  • This very rare Bates Steel Mule 35 crawler tractor was built in the early to mid 1930s in Joliet, Illinois. (Ron Wozniak image)
  • The One-Man Excavator is a long-range restoration project. Many machines are in this shape before the Volunteers restore them!
  • The circa 1925 Bay City One-Man Excavator is a half-track, half-swing power shovel. The engine would be about where the shovel dipper is laying at the near end.
  • Without the right side panel, the 1937 Bay City 30 dragline gives a fine view of the machine's inner workings. One drum pulls the bucket in, the other raises it. (Ron Wozniak image)
  • This late 1950s 180T50 is an example of Bay City's very successful Cranemobile line of truck cranes. It can lift 15 tons, the low side of average for its time.
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