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2008 Convention

Please share your images of the 2008 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition which was held August 8-10 at the National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association at their showgrounds near Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

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15 photo(s) Updated on: 03/22/2013
  • Tom Kelly owns this wonderful 1926 Keystone No. 4 skimmer.
  • Specifics are unknown about this Buffalo-Springfield three-wheel roller owned by Dave and Mary Anne Lytle, but we believe it’s an 8 ton machine built circa 1936.
  • Action in the sandbox! Don Martin’s 1946 Cat DW10 tractor/W10 bottom dump wagon receives a load from Don Stewart’s 1950 Bucyrus-Erie 22B as one of the four D8s as site shoves dirt within reach.
  • Jay Anders’ 1959 Schield Bantam C350 shovel waits to go to work.
  • This 1945 Lima 34 shovel is owned by the firm of Kelly, Ackman, McElhaney & Marburger.
  • This is one of two 1924 General Electric trolley freight motors that Mack Truck, Inc. bought in 1939 and rebuilt into experimental gas-electrics for sale as new products.
  • This is the first working railroad at an HCEA show: A narrow-gauge Brookville locomotive and dump cars (being loaded by Jim Gangle’s 1950 Bucyrus-Erie 10B shovel) owned by Ohio Vintage Coal Company.
  • Out of the three Euclid trucks on site, the Kelly Family’s 1936 2KD stake truck was the most unusual.
  • Howard Bowers showed several beautifully restored tractors, including this 1925 Best 30.
  • James Powell’s 1955 25, one of ten Northwests on site, works on cutting the dirt pile down to size.
  • Presenting the largest wheel loader and, possibly, the largest mobile machine of any kind at an HCEA event: Wayne Baker’s Cat 992.
  • The Kelly Family’s 1913 Thew Type No. 0 is the only operational Thew steam shovel in existence. Instead of only describing an arc from a pivot point in the boom, the dipper stick also racks forward.
  • Action in the “sandbox” was concentrated and intense. Over a dozen cable excavators are visible in this photo of one corner of the action! The Volvo loader was provided for support by Volvo Rents.
  • Show chairs Lou and Erma McMaster had a number of pieces at the show, including this 1959 Cat D6 and 1951 Cat 60 scraper. Dale McManamon’s Super C Tournapull and LP Carryall work the pit with them.
  • The famous 1927 Erie Type B steam shovel that the late Rusty McGinness donated to the National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association was one of the hits of the show.
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