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chain belt, Clark michigan, Cleveland, CUSHMAN

7 photo(s) Updated on: 01/14/2021
  • c. 1920s Chain Belt Company Durex road pump. When concrete was mixed at the pour, water had to be piped or trucked to the mixer. The road pump maintained pressure in a long temporary pipeline.
  • 1953 Clark Michigan 75A wheel loader. This was the first production unit of what was, at the time, the world’s most advanced rubber-tired loader line.
  • c. 1963 Clark Michigan 175A Series I wheel loader. This machine is the Museum's garden tractor, snowplow and general workhorse. Bucket capacity is 2.25 cubic yards.
  • 1947 Cleveland Formgrader Company formgrader. When fixed forms were used to shape the edges of concrete pavement, the formgrader would dig a shallow trench into which the forms were set.
  • Cleveland Trencher Company's main product was wheel trenchers like this 1953 model 140. The "wheel" is the structure carrying the buckets; it is lowered into the ground to dig a trench.
  • Cleveland Trencher also built backfillers like this 1955 80W. It works like a dragline, pulling spoil into the trench, and a ram on the back (not installed here) drops into the trench to compact it.
  • This 1973 Cushman Truckster is one of the Museum's working vehicles.
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