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Killefer, Koehring

10 photo(s) Updated on: 03/11/2024
  • c. 1930s Killifer No. 10 scarifier. Shown during delivery to the Museum, this machine was used to break up pavement and dirt for removal or leveling.
  • A rotary scraper, or tumblebug, slides on the ground behind a tractor. This is its carrying position; the open edge rolls to the ground to load, and it flips upside down to dump.
  • This 1932 Koehring 27-E is the world's only operable dry batch paver. Aggregates and cement are dumped in premeasured batches into the skip, which tips up to pour them into the mixing drum.
  • The dry batch paver was a very efficient machine for its time. Material moved from end to end along its direction of travel, so it placed concrete behind it as it moved along. (Ron Wozniak image)
  • The paver's mixing drum, beneath the Koehring Paver nameplate, discharges concrete into the bucket, which is directed along the swinging boom to where it is to be placed.
  • c. 1930 Koehring 10-S Dandie concrete mixer. The model number indicated a mix capacity of 10 sacks of cement, and side discharge relative to the direction of its travel.
  • 1948 Koehring 304 dragline. Most cable excavators built for construction in the early and mid 20th century could be set up to work as a shovel, crane, dragline or backhoe. (Keith Haddock image)
  • The Koehring 505 hydraulic backhoe was the largest machine of its kind in America when introduced in 1963. This example, fully restored by donor Walsh Contracting Corporation, was built in 1970.
  • 1954 Koehring 60-2A Dumptor. This 10-ton capacity truck was designed to work without turning around, enabling it to work in confined areas such as tunnels, quarries and mountainside roads.
  • Built for the 1975 CONEXPO , the Pillar of Progress is a kinetic sculpture demonstrating the basic motions of a dozen machines built by Koehring and its brands at the time.
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