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Schramm, Sterling, Studebaker, TORO, UNIT CRANE, universal crane

9 photo(s) Updated on: 01/25/2021
  • Early 1940s Schramm Fordair 60cfm air compressor. Its wooden wagon wheels attest to the rationing of rubber for tires during World War II.
  • 1920s Schramm Self-Propelled Compressor. The rear axle carries the air compressor, which is riveted to and powered by the Fordson tractor.
  • 1963 Schramm COUH 125cfm Pneumatractor. This rig combines the functions of an industrial wheel tractor and air compressor into one machine, and could be equipped with a variety of attachments.
  • 1946 Sterling 10-ton flatbed truck, believed to have built for the U. S. Navy as a carrier for an airplane crash retrieval crane. (Keith Haddock image)
  • This is a circa 1918 Studebaker water wagon. The tank is filled with the lever-operated pump, and water sprinkles out a bar at the back the back to control dust. (Joe Black image)
  • 1947 Syntron gas jackhammer. A two-cycle gas engine powers a cylinder that strikes the tool - a cutter, drill, hammer or tamping shoe. The shipping crate is original!
  • 1943 Toro tandem roller. This little roller was designed for use on tennis courts, sidewalks, lawns and other light duties.
  • c. 1952 Unit Crane & Shovel 1020 crawler crane. The profile of the house, with the cab roof much higher than the roof of the engine enclosure, was a Unit hallmark and made for excellent visibility.
  • This fixer-upper is the upper works of a 1920s Universal Crane. In 1919, this Elyria, Ohio, firm developed the first crane for truck mounting; they furnished the crane for the customer's truck.
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