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16 photo(s) Updated on: 01/25/2017
  • Caterpillar No. 33 Standard Frame pull grader.
  • 1964 Cat No. 12E motor grader with scarifier. The pole next to the seat is for an umbrella.
  • 1947 Cat D4 with Trackson T4 Traxcavator.
  • 1949 Cat DW10 tractor and 1950 No. 10 scraper. This outfit once belonged to late Museum volunteer Jack Campbell.
  • Cat No. 44 pull grader.
  • This 1940 Cat D4 crawler tractor sports a LaPlant-Choate hydraulic dozer.
  • 1939 Cat R4 sideboom tractor. The R4 tractor was one of Cat’s final gas-powered tractor models. The sideboom is designed to set pipe into trenchers, and is lso used to clear train wrecks.
  • 1951 Cat D13000 diesel generator set. This unit will used to provide power for our 1926 Marion electric shovel.
  • 1963 Cat 944 wheel loader. The 944 was the first wheel loader offered by Cat. It was discontinued in 1968 after the rigid frame had been made obsolete by an articulated frame for superior steering.
  • 1953 Cat HT4 crawler loader. Designed by Trackson and built on a modified Cat D4, the HT4 was the first all-hydraulic crawler loader offered by Cat. Bucket capacity is 1.25 cubic yards.
  • 1948 Cat D2 with Trackson T2 Traxcavator. Derived from a design that originated in the late 1920s, the bucket is raised and lowered by a winch above the engine. This design was discontinued in 1953.
  • 1959 Cat DW20F tractor with No. 20 scraper. This tractor was equipped with a second seat by the donor, the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Fund, for use in equipment operator training.
  • 1940 Cat No. 12 motor grader. Introduced in 1939, the No. 12 grader was still being produced, with major improvements of course, in the 2010s. The model number is derived from the length of its blade.
  • 1951 Cat D7 crawler tractor. The narrow, inside-mount dozer was specified by the U. S. Army to save space in shipping. It is also designed to push scrapers more efficiently during loading.
  • 1956 Cat D2. Built from 1938 through 1957, the D2 was the smallest crawler tractor offered by Caterpillar.
  • 1930 Caterpillar Thirty crawler tractor.
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